Behind the Seams: ‘I Will Cry’ Collection

The genesis of a collection often lies in the soul of its creator, and for YumeMonde’s debut collection, ‘I Will Cry’, the narrative is deeply rooted in the personal journey of its 24-year-old designer. With an ambition to encapsulate authenticity and relatability, the designer courageously exposes her own emotions, crafting a collection that serves as a visual symphony of anxiety and strength.

From Fear to Empowerment

The decision to encapsulate anxiety as the core concept for ‘I Will Cry’ arises from the designer’s personal experiences. As a young entrepreneur navigating the uncharted waters of business alone, anxiety becomes a familiar companion. The insecurities, uncertainties, and the fear of the unknown thread through her journey. Rather than concealing these emotions, she chooses to embrace them, knowing that her vulnerabilities are the very essence of her strength.

The Collection as a Reflection

Each thread woven into the fabric of ‘I Will Cry’ tells a story—a story of resilience, of daring to venture into unexplored territories despite trembling hands and a racing heart. The oversized crop sweaters, the matching legwarmers, the sheer turtlenecks with bell sleeves—every piece mirrors the designer’s emotions. The neoprene signifies the the feeling of a safe haven. A blanket that shields the wearer from the anxiety, while the sheerness of the turtlenecks symbolizes the slow transition we go through towards the unknown.

Bridging the Designer-Community Gap

By infusing her personal journey into the collection, the designer aims to bridge the gap between creator and community. YumeMonde doesn’t just offer garments; it extends an empathetic embrace to a community that grapples with similar emotions. Through fashion, she conveys a powerful message—that it’s okay to feel anxious, scared, and vulnerable, especially when stepping into new chapters of life.

Embracing Collective Emotions

The ‘I Will Cry’ collection isn’t merely a reflection of one person’s emotions; it’s an anthem of shared experiences. It extends an invitation to everyone, encouraging them to show their feelings, acknowledging that vulnerability isn’t a weakness but a reservoir of strength waiting to be tapped into.